Snow has fallen on Amarillo. While we all agree that "no one knows how to drive in this stuff," we all handle winter weather differently.

Here are five types of people I've noticed around the office.


  • 1

    The Always Young At Heart

    This is the co-worker that will drag you outside to make snow angels. If there is just the smallest amount of snow on the ground, they want to build a snow man. They hit you with a snowball in the parking lot as you make your way in.

    While it can be a bit annoying, they do remind us to make the most of everything.

  • 2

    The No-Show

    There will always be someone who calls in, and this isn't meant for the ones who have real reasons for not making it to the office.

    This is that individual who has been waiting all year for this very moment. I once worked with a guy who called in and said his tires were frozen to the road, so he couldn't come in. He was the only person in town who apparently got hit with so much ice and snow that he couldn't even budge his car.

  • 3

    The End Times Prophet

    This individual has heard somewhere in the last 24 hours that things are only going to get worse. They come up with wild predictions, and even wilder claims of what took place the night before.

    Everything will grind to a halt. Civilization as we know it is doomed.

    They are the Michael Bay of the office. Their stories always include exaggerated truths, robots, and explosions.

  • 4

    The Expert

    This individual is actually pretty handy to have around. They are the ones who have survived brutal winters in other places. They tell their stories of past winter glory like an old fisherman tells his tales of the legendary big fish of what-ever-lake.

    They usually have a stockpile of equipment in their vehicle just for the occasion. If you get stuck, they're the one getting you out.

    They are the wise sages of winter.

  • 5

    The Adrenaline Junkie

    This is the Monster Energy Drink/Mountain Dew version of the Always Young At Heart. They will drag you out of the office for some kind of work related reason, then scare the pigment out of your hair.

    They'll do donuts. They'll fishtail. They drive their vehicle through mounds of snow while you curl up in the fetal position thinking of your loved ones.

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