At least once in our lives, we've all made a new year resolution. I've wanted to get fit, quit smoking, write a book, and all of the other stereotypical cliches.

If you made one for 2020, some places are better for keeping it than others. House Method did the research to determine which cities are better suited to help you keep your resolutions.

The bad news is that you may need to move. Amarillo didn't pop up on the list. You do, however, have 13 options in the state of Texas according to their top 100 list of the biggest US cities.

We have two cities in the top 10. Irving came in at number eight, while Plano took number 10.

Garland and Austin made it in the top 30. Dallas, Houston, and El Paso all made the top 50.

Lubbock came in at 79. They scored best in the "saving money" category.

They based their findings on how easy it would be to keep resolutions of exercising, eating healthy, saving money, and reducing stress. You can find out more by checking out their study by following this link.


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