Facebook Events can be a wild place on the Internet. You can never really be sure what you are going to find.

I stumbled across this event taking place in San Antonio tomorrow night. If you've ever had a craving for a grand slam with a side of Satan, here's your chance to get a bit of both.

The "Seance Behind the Denny's Parking Lot" event is slated to begin around 9 PM. It is kid friendly, and according to one post on the event page it is a BYOC (bring your own cloak) event. You might want to get yours pressed today if at all possible.

Also mentioned on the event page is that the Dark Lord prefers bacon over sausage. Keep that in mind when you order your sacrificial grand slam.

For a few cheap giggles, check out the event page HERE and be sure to read through the discussion. While this is almost certainly a "fake event," it is an entertaining distraction from the boring 9 - 5 that we're all trying to get through.

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