We are lucky here in the Texas Panhandle when it comes to fun fall activities in our area. We know we can count on our pumpkin farms to give us some fun to do. Do you ever wonder what they do when the farm is not open?

How do they make money? Of course, they have to plant and farm to get ready for the upcoming season but what else are they doing? You know it has to be something. One of the things that the folks at Leonard Farms do is fill up those swimming pools in time for summer.

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I know I always see people requesting a service like this. Leonard Farms was always one around to do that. Until it wasn't. They were out of commission late last summer after an accident. That accident took out their Mack Truck and their whole water tank operation.

That hurts a family-owned business in the worst way. The good news is that according to their Facebook page after this accident that took out a business that was helping this family survive, they are back.

It cost a lot to get them back but they are thrilled to be able to get back at it. So if you need an in-ground pool filled they are your go-to. They can also fill up water barrels, dirt areas, and arenas. So the good news is that they are back and are able to make money like they planned.

They will be able to get the farm up and running too. We will still have them in the fall and winter. We can visit Leonard Farms for their corn maze and pumpkin patch. Things are back to the way that it should be.

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