According to every sci-fi film ever made, we're supposed to have flying cars by now. Uber is trying to play catch-up.

According to reports, Uber will soon be taking to the skies in Texas. Reports state that, Uber will be testing out their flying taxis in Frisco, Texas. Looks like the Lone Star State will be the first to fly into the future.

They're calling it "Uber Elevate." There is already a helipad built for it in Frisco.

Along with this, Uber is continuing its work towards self driving technology. In a not so distant future, it sounds like a driverless vehicle will pick you up, fly you through the air, and deliver you to your destination.

When do we get real hover boards?

Test flights are set to begin next year. The hope is that rides on the flying taxis will begin commercially by 2023.


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