The end of summer has brought a rash of auto burglaries to Amarillo.

Amarillo Police have been busy working auto burglary calls over the last week.  There have been 23 auto burglaries and 22 auto thefts reported in the Amarillo area.

That’s not the record.  Not even close.  In August of last year the authorities worked 44 auto burglaries in one week.   Out of those, 25 were left unlocked. And in June of this year they responded to 38 in one week.  24 of those vehicles were left unlocked.  In the beginning of this year from January 1st to the 17th there were 59 reports of stolen vehicles.

Spotting a trend here?

Leaving your car unlocked dramatically increases your chances of being the victim of an auto burglary.  The Amarillo Police Department reminds you to secure your vehicle and don’t leave things in view that might tempt criminals into a crime of opportunity.

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