I guess I just don't understand people. Why is it so much fun to destroy someone else's property? I guess I just don't see what you get out of it but hurting other people. That should never be what you are about.

That is what a local business, Hearts and Paws, found out. They had their air conditioning unit vandalized recently and it has since caused them to close down until further notice. Since they are a pet groomer they need air condition not only for the staff but also the animals.

They definitely need to stay cool in these warmer temperatures we have been facing. They are hoping that the landlord gets them up and running soon. One concerned resident wondered why they just couldn't keep doors and windows open to cool them off.

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This sounds like it could work until you realize who their clientele is, animals. They wouldn't want a dog to escape. That would cause bigger issues. So for now until they find a solution for sure they aren't seeing any new clients.

They can't have their animals that already have a lot of fur to end up overheating with treatment. They do use blow dryers and in an already hot building that is a cause for concern. So hopefully this won't be an issue too much longer.

If you do already have an appointment I would check in with them on the day you are scheduled. You don't want any surprises.

Now back to the vandalism, who could do such a thing? Who could hurt a local business like this? It is just unimaginable.

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