This week's flashback video goes to AC/DC, who have made an entire career of doing things their own way. Even when it came to music videos.

Live footage of concerts usually didn't translate well to MTV's audiences when it was just starting out. People wanted something more artistic and visually appealing than four guys standing on stage.

This didn't stop AC/DC from releasing a mega-popular video for their single "For Those About To Rock" made entirely of concert footage.

The video features Angus Young doing what he does best. He goes absolutely mad on stage shredding his guitar to pieces. Angus was in peak form the night the cameras rolled.

Pay special attention to the cannons used during the song as well. Originally there were 21 cannons used during the live performances of the song. It was changed to two, and several times the sparks from the cannons would burn the members of AC/DC. According to interviews, Malcolm was usually the one who got the worst of it.

The future of AC/DC is the subject of many rumors at the moment. It is speculated that Angus will continue carrying the torch, possibly with Axl Rose at the helm. We may even get a new AC/DC album.

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