I remember going to church as a kid and hearing about the "evils" of rock 'n roll. One of my pastor's favorite groups to lash out at was KISS.

KISS In Amarillo

Thanks to a heads up from my buddy Braden, I was able to come across a clip of a newscast featuring KISS when they performed in Amarillo in 1979 on the YouTube channel KollectingKiss. It's funny looking at the video and realizing how little KISS has changed over the years. That makeup does a great job hiding the wrinkles.

Conservative Backlash

The quick clip also highlights the conservative backlash against metal music, namely KISS. I remember my church organizing vigils and protests against hard-rock and metal artists when they would be coming through town or would be within driving distance.

After all, as my pastor would say, we have to think of the children. So, scoop them up on a school night and have them go stand outside all night proselytizing people who couldn't have cared less.

I look back and get a good laugh at it all now.

Amarillo Used To Be A Music Magnet

KISS is one of the bands people bring up every time a discussion is had regarding the glory days of concerts in Amarillo. It definitely doesn't seem like it now, but at one time Amarillo was a stop for some of the biggest talent running. Hell, even Elvis performed here.

Hopefully one day soon we can once again brag about the acts we bring in to grace our fine city. Until then, we will have to settle for VHS quality YouTube videos of days-gone-by.

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