The news late last year that Mayor Ginger Nelson would not be seeking re-election opened up a big door in Amarillo politics. Rumors started running rampant about who could possibly run for the open post. Names were bandied about.

Now, the City of Amarillo has released the process of how YOU can run for Mayor or any other elected position.

If you've ever wanted to put yourself in that position, you have a golden opportunity to do just that. It all starts with picking up a candidate package at the city secretary's office. Inside the packet, it'll have “a combination of information and forms combined to help guide potential candidates through the election process,” according to officials.

It's not only the Mayor position that's open. All four city council seats are open as well, so you have several seats that you could try and gain to help move Amarillo forward. There are already several people that have announced their intention to run for a few seats. Two have announced their candidacy for city council seats and one person for Mayor.

Amarillo's city secretary, Stephanie Coggins, said she will start taking applications for a spot on the ballot on January 18. One of the requirements is to have a campaign treasurer in place to manage all funds that come into the campaign, via fundraising or donations, and that can be done at any time.

If you want to take a run at one of the open positions, you must have everything in by 5 pm on February 17th.

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