Everyone is familiar with the Google Doodles. They're the fun images (most of the time) that are made using the letters in Google's name.

Google is having a contest for kids of all ages to have their Doodle featured on Google's website. You can find out how to enter and what the rules are here.

This has me thinking just what an Amarillo inspired Doodle would look like. Maybe a Sod Poodle burrows from one "O" to the other while being chased by an angry Amarillo native.

The "L" could be a nuclear warhead or a half buried hunk of Cadillac that is more dried paint than metal at this point.

You could highlight the ever changing weather of the high plains by making the letters swirl in a cyclone of sunshine, snow showers, lightning, and earthquakes. Just be sure you don't put rain in there. We hardly ever see that.

The letters could all be formed out of tumbleweeds.

Or, if you really wanted to highlight what is like to be in Amarillo, you just make the letters out of traffic cones and scatter detour signs all over.

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