Last week the internet was buzzing with the news that during the Great Depression, people were eating peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. We decided to see what it tastes like.

We also wanted to find other strange pairings for peanut butter, so we raided the kitchen and grabbed random ingredients.

We tried mustard, flaming hot Cheetos, Twizzlers, and Doritos.

Here is the recap so you know what to stay away from:

Mayo, will it peanut butter? No.

Doritos, will they peanut butter? Yes.

Twizzlers, will they peanut butter? No.

Mustard, will it peanut butter? Absolutely not.

Flaming hot Cheetos, will they peanut butter? Absolutely yes.

What are your favorite things, other than jelly, to pair with peanut butter?

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