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The McRib sandwich at McDonald's is a cultural phenomena. While I can't say I'm personally a huge fan of the sandwich, I can't deny the cult status of the McRib.

For eight long years, McRib fans have waited for the time that their favorite McDonald's creation would be rolled out to menus across the U.S. Not since 2012 has that been a reality.

Leave it to 2020 to be the game changing year.

After a "leak" of certain documents, and several inquiries into the contents of those documents, McDonald's has officially stated that the McRib is coming back this year.

Not only will it be coming back, but this year you don't have to keep your fingers crossed that your preferred McDonald's gets the sandwich. Instead of releasing it regionally, the fast food behemoth will be putting the McRib on menus across the nation.

Be looking to get your McRib fix starting on December 2 of this year. That is exactly one month from today.

I have friends who never eat at McDonald's, except for when the McRib is on the menu. To hear them talk about the sandwich, it's as if it is a fast food gift from the almighty himself.

Even UNO got in on the tweet-fest.

I chalk it up to the fact that you can't get them for most of the year. Tell me that I can't have something, and most of the time I'll just want it more.

No word on just how long the McRib will be back on menus across the U.S. Historically, it has been a limited time item. Maybe this will be the year the McRib comes back for an extended stay.

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