I like YouTube vlogs. I like YouTube travel vlogs.

There. I said it.

It's a guilty pleasure, and that's all the context I'm giving you before we take the plunge into the most amusing travel vlog I've seen as of late. Ready? Let's go

The Daily Who? The Daily Woo.

TheDailyWoo is one of my go-to YouTubers if I'm looking for something that falls into the "weird things" and "road trip adventures" categories.

I like the guy. He's a Florida native and an old pro as he's been a content creator on YouTube for a good long while (2006!). For some reason, I never really thought I'd see the Woo so close to my home territory. Then *boom* I see him pop up on my feed with a video titled "Middle Of Nowhere Abandoned Spots In Texas Panhandle - Forgotten Small Towns & Backroads After Dark"

Why, yes please!

And y'all....I had a chuckling fit the entire video.

Don't get me wrong, it's great. And I've always thought the itty bitty Texas towns dotted along the Old Route 66 back roads are worth a little screen time....but I am amazed at what the Woo notices most about these small towns.

My takeaway? Florida definitely doesn't have water towers.

This Florida Man Can't Handle All the Texas of the Panhandle

Shhhh...keep yer voice down low! You don't want to scare the little bloke off.

Stay close and keep quiet as we take an incredible journey: following a YouTuber from Florida, The Daily Woo, as he makes his way across the rugged Texas Panhandle landscape.

Yo won't believe what catches this big bloke's fancy!

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