According to three different agencies, a new scam is making its way through Amarillo in the form of door-to-door salesmen. The BBB, Downtown Women's Center, and the APD all urge you to exercise caution when dealing with door-to-door salesmen selling magazine subscriptions.

The individuals perpetrating the scam claim that they are selling the subscriptions on behalf of the Downtown Women's Center. The Center has told the BBB that they do not do door-to-door soliciting. They do not sell magazine subscriptions. They do not require anyone to earn "points."

The Amarillo Police Department encourages anyone who is approached at their home by these scammers to contact the police department by calling 378-3038. If you have any questions at all, you may contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 378-4257.

Amarillo Police also encourage area residents to not answer the door for someone you do not know, especially if it is after dark or you are home alone.


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