It's literally one of the most annoying things you can come across, and it seems to happen relatively often in Amarillo.

A random knock on the door when you aren't expecting one.

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With it being the holiday season, you just assume it's one of the 500 gifts you've ordered.

You go to the door, open it up to grab your package and you're greeted by someone with a clipboard.

"Hello, I'm so and so with XYZ company and I'm out today selling..." SLAM! That's the sound of you shutting the door in their face.

Now I get it, they have a job to do. It's how they make their money, so I feel a little bad about closing the door on their face. For awhile, they went the phone route to try and sell you stuff, but with so many scam callers these days it became completely ineffective.

If it's the Girl Scouts selling cookies, I'm probably in. Anything else? I'm just irritated I had to get off my couch and pause whatever I was watching on TV.

So how do you get those door to door salespeople to stop knocking on your door? Here's a few ideas for ya.


It's the easiest one in the book. Go to your local Walmart or hardware store and you can probably find a sign for around $5 or even less. "NO SOLICITING" it says. The best part about it? It IS enforceable by police if they decide to ignore it and still knock on your door. Most people will avoid a house with it, but there's still always a few that slip in and try to get cute.


Most of the time, you can see who's at your door by just looking out the window or peephole. Someone you don't recognize? Don't answer the door. Now, I'll say I've done this on numerous occasions. However, not all homes are setup to where you can avoid being seen. My house in Austin had a window right next to the door, so if the blinds weren't shut they could see us in the house. There are some pesky ones that notice that and will stand on your doorstep for 5-10 mins and continue to knock until you open. If you do, just open the door then close it right away. They'll leave...most of the time.


If you know it's a solicitor standing on your doorstep, you can simply yell "no thank you" through the door. At that time, they should get the point and just leave. Some will attempt to talk back through the door but just say it again, then walk away.


Now this one only works if they just won't leave. Sometimes they are a little aggressive in trying to give you their sales pitch, so if they just continue, give your local police a call. Chances are they will have left by then, but when the police arrive, you can let them know they're prowling the neighborhood and they'll most likely find them to have a chat.

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