This year was supposed to be a big one. There were a lot of massive tours lined up, and we had some incredible concerts lined up locally; like ZZ Top, Bob Dylan, and Styx.

Unfortunately, they all were either canceled or postponed until 2021.

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This weekend, we're taking to the airwaves to say "We're not gonna take it anymore," and will be bringing you Ultimate Classic Rock Stock, a virtual concert event, hosted by none other than Uncle Joe Benson. It airs Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM, and all-day Labor Day.

Our event will feature some of the greatest live performances ever given by artists like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Ozzy, Rolling Stones, and many more. Plus, there will be "backstage" interviews with the artists and Uncle Joe.

This is actually a pretty awesome way to have a concert experience. A few perks that immediately come to mind are:

  • No lines at the bathroom.
  • No trying to find a parking spot.
  • No getting frisked at a security checkpoint.
  • No lines for food.
  • Cheaper beer.
  • No one blocking your view with their stupid phone trying to record a "moment" for social media.
  • No smelly weirdo offering you strange candy promising it will open your mind and let you see sound.
  • An all-star lineup that could only ever happen during Ultimate Classic Rock Stock.
Credit: Threadless
Credit: Threadless

We even have Ultimate Classic Rock Stock t-shirts up for sale that are cheaper than buying a tour t-shirt at the merch booth.

It will look great next to those Lynyrd Skynyrd tour tees hanging in your closet. Follow this link for Ultimate Classic Rock Stock tees.

Gather up a couple of friends, and crank up Ultimate Classic Rock Stock this weekend. You can tune in on the Thunder 98.7 app, any Alexa enabled device, Google Home smart speaker, and on your favorite radio.

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