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This year has been tough on local small businesses. More than once, there have been shutdowns and reductions in capacity limits. On top of that, and everything else, there have been several break-ins.

On December 20, there's a benefit scheduled to help support Fillmore's in Amarillo. The business has suffered the same challenges as everyone else, with an added break-in.

According to the event's description, the thieves made off with everything from the sound equipment to the toilet paper. On Fillmore's Facebook page, they list even more items that were stolen.

The break-in happened while Fillmore's was closed due to quarantine.

Businesses are already struggling for the most part. How do you deal with a break-in like this on top of it all?

The benefit is slated to happen on Sunday, and it kicks off at noon. The hope is that this benefit will help Fillmore's get back on track.

There is going to be a lot of live music at the benefit. There are nine different bands that will be performing for the Winter Bash.

There's also going to be a lot of food, and "festivities" all day on Sunday. You can follow this link to the event page for more information. It sounds like a great time for a good cause, honestly.

I'm glad to see that there is going to be a benefit held for Fillmore's, instead of hearing that Fillmore's will be among the many businesses that have been forced to permanently close their doors in 2020.

As they say in the description for Winter Bash; when life gives you lemons, serve tequila.

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