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There is a benefit bike run coming up for Rudy Garcia. If you're familiar with local music in Amarillo, you're familiar with Moon Dog. If you're familiar with Moon Dog, you're familiar with Rudy.

As a friend of mine reminded me last night when this was brought up, Rudy is a great guy. When it comes to performing at benefits and giving time to help out in the community, Rudy is your guy.

This time though, the benefit is for him.

Rudy has faced some medical issues, and the music community in Amarillo is coming together to give him support. The bike run will be held this upcoming Sunday (10/18/2020).

Registration will be at Skooterz. Breakfast is served at 9 AM. The first bike out will be at 1 PM.

The run will make stops at Rick Looby Homes, Polk Street Eats, Joe Taco, and Zombiez Bar & Grill. The final stop will be at Smokey Joe's on Route 66.

Along with the bike run, there will of course be a lot of live music. Ace Rodriguez will be performing, as well as Touching Voodoo, Lee Scheetz & Borderline, Strange Saints, Moon Dog, and then there is a jam "with friends."

If you want more information on the Rudy Garcia Benefit Bike Run, follow this link to the event page.

Even if you don't plan to ride, this still sounds like a fun event that will go to help out someone from our community who has a big heart and has done a lot to help out in the community.

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