Alright Texas, it's time to fess up. You can admit it, I promise I won't judge. It's something that has happened to all of us at one point or another, whether it was at school growing up, or at work. We've all been there.

I know, the myriad of different things running through your head right now is loud. You hear so many different things up there and you're wondering what it is we've all done. Well, that would be fall asleep at our desk.

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Yup, that light bulb just went off and you chuckled didn't you? Look, it's not a bad thing. Sometimes we just are too tired to want to deal with anything in life, especially work or school. I'll be the first to admit it's happened to me.

That moment you just take a five minute break at your desk, lean back in your chair, then bam, you're gone. That five minute break turns into 15-20 minutes, then you startle yourself awake. You start to wonder if anyone saw you asleep at your desk, then you start to wonder if you even care.

Well, Texans seem to have a problem with falling asleep at their desks. See? I told you that you weren't alone. We are the 10th worst state when it comes to taking that quick afternoon siesta, and there's quite a few who don't even feel bad about it.

Now, to be fair, a lot of people that were asked about this said they took those naps on a break or lunch. However, 44% said they will nap right there at their desk. 38% of those respondents said they got caught taking that nap.

Now for the best part. Only 65% of those people said they feel bad about napping at work or school. In other words, if I need to sleep, I don't care where I am. Bold strategy there. Now, to put it in perspective, those in Utah really don't care about napping at school or work. Only 22% of people polled there said they feel bad about it.

So we're not THAT bad Texas, but we're still pretty bad about it. That said, I'm feeling a little tired. I think I might take a little nap at my des......zzzzzz.

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