I'm the first to admit, I hate a gloomy day. I need the sunshine, it makes me smile and puts me in a good mood.

Sure, the sun can be hot and all, but without it all we do is dwell on things we don't want to. So I looked around Texas and found a few places we sunshine driven people should be looking at.


They top the list with 293 total days with sun. 193 of those are days that are complete sunshine, while the other 100 are what we call "partly sunny" days. Truthfully, I can deal with partly sunny days, at least it comes out for awhile. A place that only gives me 72 days without sun is a place I think I can handle.


Our neighbor to the south checks in at #2 on the list with 262 days with sun. It has a somewhat similar ratio to El Paso with 160 of those days being nothing but the sun out and shining. Kind of makes you wonder, if Lubbock is that close to us, where does Amarillo fall on this list?


How about in a tie for 3rd on the list? Lubbock beats these 2 places out by only ONE day. 261 days of sunshine isn't too bad. The one difference between Amarillo and Midland/Odessa is the days of complete sunshine. We've got 8 less days of total sunshine than Midland/Odessa does, but that's ok. We don't mind a little cloud cover now and again.


Coming in as the 5th sunniest city in Texas is San Angelo with 251 days of sun. A place that has over 100 days WITHOUT sun is not a place for me honestly, but if it was spaced out enough I could probably deal. I'll take the extra 10 days we get here in Amarillo and be happy with that.

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