Can I just say that is a great title for a book? So when I received a message from my friend Eric Miller saying he wrote a book with this title I was intrigued. Eric is a guy that most people know around the community.

He has been a mainstay.  I have known him from my many years in the media. Oh and I would run into him singing the National Anthem with his buds in the Amarillo Golden Spread Chorus. I would see him before Amarillo Bulls games and Amarillo Sox games. I always knew I would run into him somewhere.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Before he branched out on his own running his own PR company Eric worked for the Amarillo Convention and Visitor's Council. So anything that was anything going on in Amarillo Eric knew about it. He was usually out at the events as well.

Seeing that he wrote this book is not really a shock to me. I just love the title. We always hear that there is nothing to do in Amarillo. That is so false. Eric found one hundred things we had to do. Oh, and I believe him.

credit: Eric Miller

This is not just a book for tourists. Nope us every day folk will find stuff to do and try in our own backyard. I mean of course there are a lot stuff to do here. You just may need to be reminded. These could be used for a fun date night or a family fun adventure.

When I talked to Eric he said that he is excited that he has a book signing coming up at  the Canyon Gallery at Palo Duro Canyon State Park for Friday, October 8. This is his first book and I would say this is one that every true Amarilloan or want to be citizen should read. We need to know what we have in our own backyard.

Check out your copy at several local bookstores in Amarillo and Canyon. You can even grab one online to mail to your family.


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