This past weekend it finally happened. My little granddaughter, Laila, got sick. Nothing is worse than when a child is sick. Especially when they can't tell you what is wrong, her fever started off at 102.5 on Saturday evening.

I didn't want to tell her mom because she just got to work. I didn't want her worrying all night. So I found the Tylenol and Motrin and started alternating to try to break the fever. She slept in my room that night.

The next morning her fever got worst so I had to let her mom in on the story. I told her to call her work because I knew she would want to be home with her. Of course with it being a Sunday her doctor's office wasn't open.

This is where my gift I bought when Laila was born came in handy. There is this new service I found called Blueberry Pediatrics. I didn't know anything about them but I did my research.

Knowing, at the time that my daughter and granddaughter were living in Dallas so even scarier when you have a sick child.

What Exactly is Blueberry Pediatrics?

It's an online doctors service that you can call and they will diagnose your child. They will prescribe you medicine and they are saving you a trip to the doctor's office. I told my daughter that when she was a baby she tended to only get sick overnight or on weekends.

Laila turned out to be the same way. There is nowhere worse to be than the emergency room overnight or on a weekend with a sick child.

So we took advantage of this service for the first time. It was definitely worth the money. I didn't have to worry. Laila's fever got up to 103.8 which really worried me. We went online and answered a few questions.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

That in itself was worth it to me.

credit: Blueberry Pediatrics
credit: Blueberry Pediatrics

We are following up with her pediatrician this afternoon. It was just nice to have answers right away. It was totally peace of mind for this Mimi.

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