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I'm not the world's biggest fan of Christmas music. Maybe it's because the staple songs of the season haven't changed since our childhood. I can only jingle my bells so much before it gets stale.

That doesn't mean I hate the holiday. Sometimes you just have to look at things from a different vantage point to make it new again. Here's a few of my favorite Christmas songs that you won't hear carolers sing any year.

Tom Waits - Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis

It's one of my all-time favorite Waits tunes. This song has nothing much to do with Santa, mistletoe, halls getting decked, or reindeer. In fact, Christmas is only mentioned in the title, which helps build the framework for the story that Waits tells.

The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York

This song has been a reoccurring chart topper around this time of year in the UK for quite some time now.  It's become a classic, and is really good for drinking a Christmas pint to.

Freddie King - Christmas Tears

Freddie King; enough said.

George Thorogood - Rock And Roll Christmas

Lonesome George Thorogood & the Destroyers put out this "gem." The only reason why I like this song at all is Lonesome George. Lonesome George could read a telephone book and it would still be one of the coolest things you've ever heard. He's just got that much grit and cool in his voice. Plus, there's the saxophone. We need more saxophone in the world today.

Lowell Fulson - Lonesome Christmas

From Lonesome George to 'Lonesome Christmas.' It's a classic.

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