Every time we turn around we hear about how expensive things are these days. The price of everything has gone up. From the price of gas all the way down to a carton of eggs. It has hit us from every direction.

When stuff like this happens sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. Some bills have to suffer. You are hoping things will get better and you can catch up. It is happening all over.

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It's not too often you see good news like this but when you do you know it has to be shared. We have a Santa Claus in the area that has made the day for several families here in our area.

That hero is Jim Robinson, he is a manager at  Green Chile Willy's. We have had stories about them in the past. They know how to run a Facebook page. He knows how to write an employment ad.

He knows how to lighten the load for families as well. See Jim went to Spring Canyon Elementary School in the Canyon School District and made sure the families had one less worry this holiday season. In the spirit of giving thanks like you are supposed to do this time of year. Jim went and paid off every lunch balance in the school that had a negative balance.

credit: Kimesha White
credit: Kimesha White

What a blessing he is for our area. I can only imagine how much that meant to the parents. Heck, it meant a lot to the kids. Just knowing that you don't have all this money to pay back while you are trying to figure out the day-to-day bills.

Green Chili

I know that Jim didn't do it for the praise. That is not the kind of guy he is. If we can make any trend keep going this holiday season this is the one. I challenge businesses all over the Texas Panhandle to adopt a school and do something nice for the families. I promise this is the kind of greatness we need this time of year.

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