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We're a few days into John Boy & Billy's Ultimate Stimulus Check. In case you haven't heard, it's your chance to win cash up to $10,000. That's money for bills, groceries, rent, a new car, whatever you want.

That got me thinking, what all could you get for a cool ten grand?

1. 5,000 Lotto Tickets

Assuming you don't want to go for the "extra," a big jackpot lotto ticket costs $2. Since there's no tax on the purchase, that means you could theoretically purchase 5,000 shots at hitting a jackpot. While it might make for a fun story to tell at the bar (when they reopen), it isn't really a good strategy for winning big.

2. 333 Pairs of My Favorite Underwear

For my birthday I received the most amazing pair of underwear I've ever worn. They have a hammock built in, and I'll leave it at that. They're comfortable. There's no sweat issues. They've changed my life. They're also expensive as they run at about $30 a pair. You could afford to get one pair of every design they offer, and still have some change left over.

3. 1,000 Raw Steaks

After doing a little digging, I found out that the average price of a raw steak at the grocery store in the U.S. is about $10. Leave out some of the steaks and you can buy a few deep freezers to stuff full of strips.

4. 200 Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

The average cost of one of those internet-infamous inflatable dinosaur costumes is about $50. That means you can pick 200 people on your Facebook friends list that you feel like are actually your friends, and then plan the greatest flash mob that has ever taken place.

5. Take a Vacation To Mongolia and Go Hunting With Eagles While Living With Nomads

This costs just north of $7,000 and you get to live with nomads in Mongolia, and learn how to hunt using eagles. Personally, I enjoy beaches, sunshine, and surf. I'm not sure I'd do well in the mountainous regions of Mongolia with goat herders.

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