Texas is one of the states that is pretty open with their laws on weapons and guns. We're an open carry state, one of the first to do it, and I don't want to say we encourage people to carry weapons on them, but it's not a surprise or frowned upon if and when we do.

Just because we're an open carry state, doesn't mean that every single type of weapon is allowed here. There are some that no matter the open carry law, you're even allowed to have in your possession. When I look at the list, it makes perfect sense.

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According to Texas law, a person cannot even be in possession of five different weapons. If they are, it's punishable by law.

Armor-piercing ammunition

The first one on the list is armor-piercing ammunition. This is a big no-no in all states I believe. If it can get through a bulletproof vest or anything of the sort, you cannot have it. I mean this one makes perfect sense considering this type of armory can seriously injure or kill someone, even if they're protected. Those types of bullets are used only when someone is looking to cause mass chaos.

Chemical-dispensing devices

Our next weapon on the list is chemical-dispensing devices. No, we're not talking about mace or pepper spray, but devices that when they're set off emit a dangerous chemical that can result in the death of someone. These chemicals are typically handled with great care and when dealing with them, proper precautions must be taken as well as some highly protective gear to make sure you don't breathe anything in.

Improvised firearms

Improvised firearms are the third weapon on the list. Weapons that have been altered in any way would fall under this category. So changing something inside or out on the weapon from how it was designed, down to shaving the serial number off. All of those things fall under the improvising category.

Tire deflation devices

The fourth one is a bit tricky, because everyday household items could be considered this, but tire deflation devices cannot be owned by anyone. Now, there's nothing we can do about someone having a knife and slashing a tire. It's against the law, but not the knife itself. There are actual devices out there designed strictly for tire deflation and if you're caught with one, you're in big trouble.

Improvised explosives

Our final entry on the list are improvised explosives. These would be things such as homemade bombs, or anything of the sort. Explosives aren't something people typically have, but you can certainly make something out of household items and turn it into an explosive. Think something like a pipe bomb.

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