Earlier this week my daughter sent me a Facebook post about a situation around Medi Park concerning squirrels. I wanted to keep an eye on this because we were out at the park on Sunday.

The concern is with some squirrels and some possible danger to dogs that might be out in the area. We did see a lot of dogs being walked out at the park over the weekend. The weather was nice and a lot of people had the same idea to get out and enjoy it.

The original post claimed that Animal Control was out to check out the situation. There were some squirrels in the area that displayed signs of being sick. When Animal Control went out they said that it was likely distemper.

Diseases are always something we need to worry about with our pets. That is why taking them to the vet and starting their vaccinations is very important. It is also why taking them back every year for their shots is also something that needs to not be put off.

We did see a vet in the area that addressed the concern. According to Cadillac Veterinary Clinic:

It has come to our attention that there have been a few facebook posts in Amarillo pet groups concerning a possible illness amongst the squirrels that live around medi-park. We have seen the videos and it is our understanding that Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare have been notified and are working on the matter. There has not been a confirmation as to what illness they have, but due to the symptoms they are exhibiting Animal Management and Welfare is assuming that they have distemper.

They do suggest that you keep your dogs away just to be on the safe side. Also make sure you keep your dogs vaccinated.

Distemper is a highly contagious virus and has been making its rounds in the canine population in and around Amarillo for the past few years. The virus is transmittable between dogs, ferrets, squirrels, foxes, coyotes, and raccoons. Until the matter is taken care of, we recommend that pets stay clear of the area and, as always, are up to date on their yearly DAPP vaccine and rabies vaccines. The yearly DAPP vaccine is a highly effective vaccine that will help protect against distemper and parvo, along with some other transmittable viruses.

So part of being a responsible pet owner is to keep your pets vaccinated. Nothing is a better reminder than when something like this happens. If you don't have your pets up to date on their shots here is your reminder to make sure you get that done.

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