Ok, so first things first. If you don't know what a hype house is, then this probably isn't for you.

However, if you DO know what it is you'll probably be interested in chiming in here.

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So for those who don't know what a hype house is, it's a house or mansion that content creators can go to shoot videos for social media platforms, namely TikTok.

I see a lot of people around town finding places to go to shoot videos, I mean I remember pulling up to baseball practice one day in Canyon to see two girls outside their car shooting some kind of video.

I have no idea what they were shooting, but I can tell you they didn't have a care in the world as far as people driving by, stopping at the fields, etc. I don't personally know how they did it, because I would've been super self-conscience and embarrassed. I give them credit.

It's that kind of thing that makes me wonder if Amarillo is a place where we need or could sustain a hype house. We're a city of 200,000 people, so not a largely populated city. However, the fact that I see people shooting videos in the park makes me think we COULD sustain it.

Or could we? Do we have enough people in the city that care enough about content creation? It's become a multi-million dollar industry, and people between the ages of 10-24 are SUPER aware of it.

The bigger question is this. Should someone just privately purchase a house somewhere for these content creators to live in and take a cut of their profits? Is this something maybe the city should provide?

I'm in no way saying we should use taxpayer dollars on something like this, we have enough things that SHOULD be getting used on. A hype house seems like a silly thing to spend it on. But is the viability there for one? Maybe time will tell.

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