What is one of the biggest stresses you have had being a new mom? Maybe you did all this years ago. Maybe you are doing this now. I know that trying to figure out when your child needs a doctor is a big worry.

Are you over reacting? Are you under reacting? Seeing my daughter go through all of this now has really opened my eyes. I mean they are bombarded with so much as a new mom. If you can get rid of one worry, would you? I was scrolling through Facebook over the weekend. It certainly was not yesterday since they were shut down most of the day.

I found this ad for Blueberry Pediatrics. Now I am not getting paid anything to tell you about them. I am just a Mimi, who found a product that would make her daughter relax a bit. Basically you have an on call doctor.

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Does this take the place of your pediatrician? Of course not. What does it do? It helps you know when you need to go see a doctor. It helps you not worry overnight about your child's health. It helps you walk through a problem and make you feel better as a parent.

Basically I paid $144 and that covers my new grand daughter for the year. That $144 would cover all the kids in the house. Here is what Blueberry Pediatrics Facebook post says:

When your child is sick in the middle of the night, urgent cares, nurse lines, and even online doctors can make you wait hours. With Blueberry, you get actual treatment in minutes from actual Pediatricians.

Blueberry combines at-home diagnostic devices with a team of board-certified Pediatric specialists that are available in minutes, 24/7 - gain peace of mind knowing you'll always have access to the highest quality care at a moment's notice.

See why thousands of parents across the country trust Blueberry to care for their family, even in the middle of the night.

It comes with an ear infection kit. A tiny camera to take photos, videos from inside your child's ears, nose or throat. A finger pulse oximeter to measure heart rate and oxygen. You will also get a thermometer to get an accurate reading. If your child is prone to strep they can also help you get strep tests to keep on hand.

Just think the ability to have knowledge just at a text or phone call away. Someone who will help you decide what action to take.  We haven't had to use it yet. I am not wishing sickness on my grandbaby. I just am relieved that some of the stress will be taken away.

To find out more about Blueberry Pediatrics you can go HERE.

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