When it comes to Amarillo nightlife, it doesn't seem that there's a whole lot to choose from.

Sure, there are plenty of different bars you can head to that stay open into the wee hours of the morning, but when it comes to more of a "club" type of atmosphere, it's slim pickings.

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That seems to be where these "after-hours" clubs come in. These "clubs" have a tendency to pop up on privately owned land for those who want to party after the bars shut down, or maybe they just want to change their scenery and vibe a little bit.

The problem with these clubs is they aren't sanctioned by TABC, and yes, they're serving alcohol long after the TABC cutoff time. Well, when you put together people who have spent the night drinking already, then give them an outlet to go and drink even more, unsettling things can happen.

That's why police are currently investigating a couple of shootings that happened hours apart on Sunday at an after-hours club. One person lost their life while several others were injured.

The first shooting happened near North Fillmore and the police were called back to the area just a couple of hours later.

The question is this, do we really need these clubs? I understand it can be tough to regulate, but if people are gathered and they're having to pay for alcoholic drinks after the TABC cutoff time, wouldn't it be pretty easy for police to shut these clubs down?

Amarillo Police have asked the public to report any suspicious activity at these clubs as they try to put an end to it. Maybe we should just willingly stop having these places around. It feels like the ultimate money talks kind of situation though. People with these clubs are raking it in while not having any regard for what happens outside of make that cash.

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