As a business owner, one of the hardest things is to find good, quality employees. It's hard to get people these days to apply. It's even tougher to get them to show up for the interview. Once that all happens and you possibly find someone you hope they show up for day one.

It's not a fun process but if you can make it fun that can help. If you can put out a hiring ad or post that draws attention that is a good start. If you can put it all out there and make sure that prospective employees know what is expected that is great.

In a basic ad, it is nice if the job and description are laid out. It's even nicer if you have a ballpark of how much you can make. You want to know if it is worth it. Also if you can go in knowing expectations too that is even better.

Bark Avenue in Amarillo did all of that and more. They are looking for two dog bathers and groomers. They lay it all out there. They do ask that you take a shower before you show up to apply. I guess they figure if you are in charge of bathing dogs you need to show you understand the concept and can bathe yourself first. It makes sense.

Here are some things from their Facebook page to keep in mind:

This is how you apply for these positions.
1. Get off of the couch, take a shower please (it's hot and I don't want to smell you)!!!
2. Drive to The 34th and Western Salon (yes you need to have transportation everyday).
3. Come in with a smile on your face.
4. Ask for the Director of Operations. (Signa)
5. Fill out an application.
6. We will set up a time for your first interview and if it goes well you will have a second interview with the Owner.
PLEASE NOTE ::: If you have DRAMA or LOTS of BAGGAGE in your life don't bother applying, it is 2023 and no one has time for all that.
If you are that perfect person and you love animals this might just be it. Just know that they warned you, no drama. Nobody has time for that anyway.
Bark Avenue at The Shops of 34th Ave
Bark Avenue at The Shops of 34th Ave

Take this as a good job opportunity. Take it also as a place to work that knows exactly what and who they are looking for.

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