It was the early nineties the first time I went to the Neon Grill here in Amarillo. A friend of mine introduced me to it. It was totally a fifties-type diner and just so cool. It was located just where a place like that needed to be.

You could find them on Sixth Street. I don't know when it opened up or even really for sure when they closed. I know it served some of the best diner food. The burgers you could sit at the counter and watch them throw them on the grill and cook right in front of you. Which is what we did.

You did leave there smelling like a burger but that was the case at any good place like that. It was really also the only place you could still go and get real fountain drinks. I spent a lot of time there.

Portal of Texas History
Portal of Texas History

Maybe it had something to do with the food. Maybe it was because for a short time I dated a guy that worked there.  Of course, I met him there. That could have been part of it too. I don't remember everything about that time except I do remember that he lived in a little apartment above the restaurant.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We didn't date very long but the memories of the Neon Grill and knowing that is what a diner should be like. When I scrolled through social media and saw a post about this place it brought back all of those memories.

I had wondered if I was the only one who remembered that diner. I realized I was not alone.

They made old fashioned sodas, and had GREAT hamburgers. The first old-fashioned sodas I ever had. They would smash slices of onions into the burger patties when they cooked them on the grill; they were delicious! I miss that place! -Seth

I am not the only person who misses having a place like that in Amarillo. The Neon Grill was a fun place to stop and have a great meal and a drink on Sixth Street.

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