As you well know, the alleyways in Amarillo have a tendency to go neglected. Not just from a lawn care standpoint, but these alleyways have a tendency to become dumping grounds for everything people no longer want.

Yes, things such as old furniture, lawnmowers that no longer work, and even big appliances like refrigerators will get dumped in random alleys around the city. The problem with this is they'll just sit there, sometimes for years.

Ignore the fact that if you have big items, you can simply call the city to schedule a time for them to come and pick it up. It's a great service that's available to everyone, and they do this free of charge.

The alleyways become littered with these big items, not to mention trash that spills out when people are throwing it in the dumpster. That's why Amarillo has to have these Project Clean Up days, where they attack parts of the city to make it look and feel cleaner.

Another one of those Project Clean Up events took place yesterday in an area where it was desperately needed. Some teenagers that were a part of the previous Project Clean Up headed out to Amarillo Blvd. between Garfield and Mirror St., put their heads down, and got to work.

They found a lot of junk to clean up, especially along Garfield, Arthur, and Cleveland Streets. Now, is that how we want to honor our former Presidents? With trashy alleyways bearing their names? I don't think so.

This project is an important one for Amarillo as we want to keep our city clean and nice, so if you have an area you believe truly needs some clean up and would be good for this project, you can nominate a neighborhood by clicking here.

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