Every year, you hear about the cost of living rising. Typically it's a relatively small percentage it goes up, but this year seems different.

So when I started to look into how much costs have risen in Amarillo, I was shocked.

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The report stated that the cost of living in Amarillo had risen by 1.2%.

So what does that mean for you? Let's say you make $35,000 a year at your job. That means you would need to make an extra $350 per year in order to not see a difference.

Doesn't seem like it's a whole lot right? However, I'm calling BS on this. There is NO way the cost of living has only risen 1.2%. It's far more than that.

Let's start with the rising cost of gas. Just a few months ago, we saw gallons of gas going for $2.49 a gallon. Still KIND of high, but what we wouldn't give to see it go back to those levels. Now, I know that's a relatively new development that wouldn't have been included in that report, but still.

It's costing twice as much to fill our vehicles up. That $350 extra you needed to make? Gone after filling up a 15 gallon tank after about 12 trips to the gas station.

What caught me off guard last night was seeing the actual rise in costs of food. Now food prices have been on the rise for some time, but I was taken aback when I stopped at the store last night.

We were just gonna do a simple dinner after baseball practice. My job was to run in and grab a bag of frozen chicken strips and french fries. Tack on eggs and milk for breakfast in the morning and I was appalled at how much it was going to cost me.

A bag of chicken strips was a crazy $14.99 per bag. I swear I was paying like $8 a bag just a month or two ago. Eggs? Yeah, they're almost $4 a dozen, and that's just for the store brand. Milk is currently sitting at $4 a gallon, also for store brand.

Look, the cost of living is up FAR more than 1.2%, don't let it fool you. Here's to hoping we can all survive what's going on in America right now because right now it looks pretty grim.

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