Amarillo is getting creative in ways that we get to address different concerns in our area. Thanks to good ol' social media we are getting our fair share of outlets to let it all out. Our social media groups are a way to share what could be important information.

One of the first groups I have been a part of has been the Amarillo Restaurant Review - At Your Own Risk. The at your own risk was added so that we didn't have a bunch of people complaining and reporting. I feel like people still get mad about certain reviews but get over it.

Now the tables have been turned. Not only can you bring up complaints you have about certain restaurants in the area, they have added to it. There is also an Amarillo Customer Reviews - At Your Own Risk page.

This is where cheap tippers are reported. This is where servers can complain about those "Karens" of our city. Those that walk in last minute and complain about everything. This is hopefully where our community can learn how to actually tip, how tip-out works, and just a way for people to vent. There are a lot of things to learn from this group. Of course, I joined.

Then another group was added. Another very important one. Amarillo Employer Reviews - At Your Own Risk. This page is a way to warn potential employees about places not to go to work. It's just a group to talk about places that pay well. How much would you love to be warned about a toxic work environment and save yourself the headache?

Both of these pages can be very beneficial to the Amarillo area. They are in the process of just growing their groups. They have just been around a few days, maybe a week. I know I have already become a member of both.

I am all about knowledge. These groups could keep us all up to date on a lot of things. Way to go Amarillo.

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