Internet connectivity is a big thing for a lot of people in Amarillo. Some live in areas that have the best possible internet available to them, some live in areas without the best options even offered to them.

Then there are those who simply can't afford to have internet. These days, it's almost imperative to have access to the cyber world. Whether it be via internet or some kind of connectivity through your phone, the majority of our world runs through cyberspace these days.

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Amarillo has a lot of areas that aren't really equipped with the best internet capabilities, and it affects people more than you think. With the amount of work from home jobs these days, not having a solid connection to internet can be a major hinderance in people finding or working good jobs.

There are certain areas of Amarillo that are definitely worse than others when it comes to connectivity. A lot of that is typically due to the fact that companies that provide internet haven't built up the infrastructure in those neighborhoods or parts of town. Why? That I can't answer.

Maybe they feel there aren't enough customers that would take advantage of it, maybe the area simply can't support it. Well someone in Amarillo is digging deep into it, and they need your help.

Dana Ballout is working on a documentary right here in Amarillo about the impact of internet connectivity and how it affects those that don't have access to strong internet. Dana wants to highlight how much better connectivity can improve people's lives whether they're students, small business owners, or just residents trying to achieve life things.

Ballout is currently looking for people to talk to and be a part of the documentary, so if you're so inclined, you can reach out to Dana by emailing

If you live in the North Heights or San Jacinto areas, those are major areas of interest to Dana.

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