The doors were open for the Amarillo Fire Department to add some new power to the force. Now was the time to take that first step to become a firefighter here in Amarillo.

If you have been following the news here in Amarillo they have been in major need. Wildfire season here in Amarillo is no joke. Plus as a first responder they have more responsibilities than just fighting fires.

Amarillo needs to make sure they have a great amount of good firefighters in our area. So over the weekend they did something to increase their force. They opened up the doors of the Amarillo Civic Center to test these new hopefuls.

Everyone who applied really wanted to fulfil a childhood dream. They want to step up and make a difference in our city. They didn't have to have any experience. They weren't looking for some major qualifications.

Amarillo Firefighters Academy Here We Come

They were testing to add to their upcoming Firefighters Academy. One that would be able to train them in any situation that would face them. I knew the desire to be a firefighter would be huge here.

I didn't know to what extent. The number of people who not only applied but also showed up for the test was astounding. Pride does not even describe it. There were just under 200 brave men and women of Amarillo who tried tested their knowledge on Saturday.

credit: Amarillo Fire Department
credit: Amarillo Fire Department

After this weekends testing the next step is a physical and agility test. They are just getting closer to the academy. They will not be rushing them through the academy. The plan is to have that start in May. Training will take about six months.

So look for a lot more great firefighters added to our city. That will only help as our next round of wild fires happen here. Heck we need all the great help we can get throughout the year too. Good luck and congrats to everyone who has tried to make a difference.

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