When it comes to working out you look for several things before you decide to become a member of any gym. Location is a big factor. Is it close to home or work? I mean if it is not it may make it easier to skip a day.

You want to go work out someplace where you feel comfortable. So taking a tour and getting that sense of belonging is important. How about the class schedules? If you would benefit from having someone lead you then those classes have to be convenient.

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Also, don't forget to check out what equipment is offered. Most gyms have the same stuff. Some places offer a little more. Some have massage beds. Some offer tanning beds. Some places have machines that monitor your progress.

For some people, the biggest perk and the biggest reason to join a gym is whether or not they offer daycare for their kiddo. That was the biggest thing my daughter looked into. She toured several places here in Amarillo.

Having a place for her daughter to go so she could get a workout in while Laila played was a big deal. Laila doesn't go to any other daycare during the day so this was her only regular socialization with other kids.

So this was a big deal to her. So which gyms offer childcare? Some are free with membership. For some of them, you have to add the child to your plan. All of these places offer something for your kids to do while you are trying to stay healthy:

  • Amarillo Town Club- 4514 Cornell St
  • Crunch Fitness- 2020 S Georgia
  • Downtown Atheltic Club- 320 S Polk
  • Gold's Gym- 3000 Blackburn
  • Trufit- 2200 Bell
  • Verdure- 5701 Time Square

So if daycare is an issue when it comes to working out, don't worry. There are plenty of options. Don't let that be an excuse for not getting healthier in 2023.

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