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Get the popcorn ready. This could get interesting. Looks like we're getting a full nude strip bar, at least according to the flyer on social media.

The name of the club is Bomb City Cabaret, and their grand opening is next weekend. September 4 they'll swing the doors open from 8 PM - 4 AM.

When I started asking around if anyone had heard of it, most hadn't. In fact, everyone was still under the impression there was no way something like that could ever exist in notoriously morally-conservative Amarillo.

However, if the building is zoned properly, it can happen.

I'm not necessarily shocked that a club is opening. There have been several bikini bars pop up over the past few years.

What shocked me was the phrase "full nude." I honestly never thought I would see those two words together in Amarillo.

Maybe I'm naive.

The other big question I have is how in the hell are they going to operate under all of the current guidelines regarding Covid-19? After doing some carefully worded Google searching on my work computer, I came across several articles regarding how these types of establishments are able to operate right now.

As with other bars, clubs, and breweries, one of the main workarounds is to serve food. Will there be a buffet (there's almost always a buffet)? Or, maybe they'll be doing what other clubs have done in Texas and serve burgers.

You can see a kitchen set up in one of the videos posted to their Facebook page.

Also, can you still call it "full nude" if someone is wearing a face mask? Do performers have to wear a face mask? That's not fully nude.

You can check out their Facebook page for more details, but there isn't much to go off of though, let us know what you think in the comments.

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