This is a journey that started in Amarillo a few years ago. I have been watching it on social media because it involved one of my really good friends from college. My college experience started like a lot of people. I wanted to make friends right away.

We became fast friends. We hung out all of the time. He was the one who introduced me to Scholotszkys. So anytime we meet up for lunch we have to go to our place. I knew Cory was adopted. That was something I found out over the years.

UPDATE: Here is the promo for the upcoming show:

Cory had a great family that adopted him but like most who are adopted, he had questions. He wanted to know his birth family. He wanted to know where he came from. It was a long journey but with the internet and DNA things have gotten easier for those who want to discover their birth families.

credit: Cory
credit: Cory

Cory first found his birth mother and met with her. Finding out about his birth father was a little tougher. It was not impossible but a lot of things had to fall into place. I am not going to give out all of the story because I am going to let Cory do that himself.

credit: Cory
credit: Cory

My friend from college and my buddy here in Amarillo, the one I spent over four hours having lunch with at Scholtzsky's just a couple of weeks ago catching me up on the latest shared some big news:

I'm thrilled to share that on Thursday, May 2nd, I'll be making a live appearance on the Tamron Hall Show in New York City. I understand I will be the main guest for this episode. During the show, I'll have the incredible opportunity to meet my biological father for the very first time IN PERSON, LIVE on the show.
Cue tears. I will definitely be emotional.
This is huge for my friend. This is huge for Amarillo. I know he will tell his story. I hope he gets to drop that he is from Amarillo. There are a lot of things I am hoping for. I know I will be watching because I can't wait to see him not end his story but begin a new one with his birth father. He has his story with his birth mother and now he will have his birth father's family.
credit: Cory
credit: Cory
According to Cory, the show can be found here:
If you're in Amarillo, catch the show on KAMR Local 4 News at 1 pm. (Keep an eye out, it might also air in Amarillo and other places on Friday or Monday.)
Even though I know the whole story up until he meets his birth father. It's going to be nice to watch the boy I knew, who became a man and ended up with a huge family.

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I love Google. It can literally answer ANYTHING you need it to answer. Whether it's right or wrong is a totally different question.

Recently, I found myself wondering about something and went to Google. And that's when I started noticing the "people also asked..." section and BOY...Some of them made perfect sense, some of them were interesting, and one of them was downright baffling...and it was a top 10 question which is even more absurd.

So let's see what we've got. Here's the top 10 questions as asked to Google about Amarillo.

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