Turn on the news these days and what do you hear?

Murder, robbery, war, politics, etc. There's nothing inspiring, no feel-good stories.

Well, allow me to give you a feel-good story straight out of Amarillo.

Sister-bear Foundation provides access to fitness and wellness resources to adults that are mobility-impaired, and they've got some big news they just released.

They doled out a whopping $8,010 over the 1st quarter of 2022. That's a pretty amazing achievement and accomplishment if you ask me.

The biggest grant went out to Grant Allen. He's currently in neurorehabilitation in Denver at Craig Hospital recovering from injuries he received in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down back in 2020.

He was granted $5,850 that will cover a chunk of his apartment rental while he goes through rehab.

A second grant was awarded to Darlene Martin. She is a retired Amarillo teacher with cerebral palsy, and she was granted $2,160. That money will cover 24 physical therapy sessions she needs that her insurance won't cover.

Sister-Bear has helped many Amarillo residents, and they're just getting started. Helping everyone from those with mobility issues related to amputation, stroke, MS, or any other kind of neuromuscular impairment, you can apply for a grant.

If you are dealing with anything mentioned above, and find yourself struggling financially during your recovery, you can visit their website here and see if you qualify for a possible grant from the foundation.

Just a little highlight on the GOOD coming out of Amarillo for once, not just the negative.

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