I am the first to say that Center City hosts a lot of great events throughout the year. A lot of fun things that the community can't wait to join in on the fun. They have their High Noon on the Square. A great lunch and plenty of entertainment.

Don't forget about the Community Market. A lot of shopping with local vendors and great items to bring home. Don't forget about the Electric Light Parade. A great way to bring the family out and kick off the holiday season.

credit: Sarah Clark, TSM
credit: Sarah Clark, TSM

The Electric Light Parade has been a family favorite for years. Only a few times has it had to be canceled due to weather or even that stupid Covid year. Last year they tried something new.

The Problems With a Reverse Parade?

If you were a part of it, either as a participant or a spectator you remember what happened. Amarillo was not ready for a reverse parade. Nope.


If you were a spectator you may or may not have gotten through to see all of the floats. You may remember the reverse parade was having the streets lined up with floats and the families of Amarillo drove by to enjoy. In theory, it sounds great.

It was not. Amarillo is a last-minute crowd and a lot of people decided to get in line to enjoy the parade pretty late. That and the fact that the entrance to Downtown Amarillo was backed up for miles.

attachment-Cars lined up still

Those of us with a float had to stand out over an hour longer to try to get more of the families through. Oh, and it was cold. I remember how miserable we all were.

attachment-Cars Lined Up Electric Light Parade

The Good News About This Year's Electric Light Parade?

Center City certainly learned its lesson last year. They will not be trying that again. We applaud you. We are thrilled. We are rejoicing. Thank you. We get it. We know you wanted the show to go on.

Luckily this year this great parade will go back to normal. Yes, the families of Amarillo will line the streets in Downtown Amarillo. The floats will be driving by. This is great news. This is fabulous news really.

attachment-Electric Light Parade 2

The Electric Light Parade is back the way it should be. Make sure you bring your family to Downtown Amarillo on December 2nd and help kick off the holiday season the way it should be. With all kinds of bright lights and Santa Claus as well.

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