If you've ever wondered what things are like inside America's jails, Spike has the perfect show for you. And this weekend, they'll be featuring some stories from behind Amarillo's bars!

Now we all know the show 'Cops' was here in Amarillo a lot. Amarillo has some of the highest percentages of crime in the country, mainly due to Interstate 40 running right through the city. This creates a great atmosphere for drugs, sex trafficking, and theft. Plus, this was one of the production crew's favorite cities to visit for the show.

Now, there's a new show on Spike TV called 'Jail' that shows all the drama and sometimes comedy that happens inside jail, after they've been picked up off the street.

This weekend, make sure to watch 'Jail' because Amarillo will be featured on the episode. You might see some familiar faces... hopefully just police officers and not the criminals!

Check out the trailer for the Amarillo episode of 'Jail.'


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