Growing up is supposed to be fun. You are making all those memories you will try to recreate with your kids. You will take them on adventures. You will let them climb all over the park.

They will run. They will jump. They may end up at some point in a cast. Oh, but the stories. Some kids need a little more calm in their lives. They need a little bit more quiet. They still want all of the same adventures just on a different level.

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It's great that now there are activities for everyone on every level. Nothing is better than walking into a dark movie theater and listening to the loudness coming off the screen. Unless you can't handle all of those sensory sensations. It can be a bit much.

Are there any options? Of course, there are. Cinergy Entertainment has just that experience for everyone. They believe that yes, movies are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. They really do.

Cinergy Entertainment offers sensory-friendly screenings. According to their website:

These showings will feature brightened light levels, reduced sound volume, and room for guest interaction and movement. These events are free to attend and open to the public.

Cinergy Entertainment in Amarillo offers these showings one Saturday per month at 9:30am. I went to check out the movies that they had coming up for these special showings and they are all the movies that any kid wants to see.

They have Paw Patrol, Trolls and Wish all coming up before the end of the year. Even better news? The movies are free for the family to attend. You can find all of the information HERE.

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