The world is kind of tricky right now. Costs on just about everything are rising, a lot of businesses are STILL looking for employees, and no one seems to want to work. I understand that many of the places looking for employees aren't exactly career-minded types of places, but still.

Those that DO have a job are doing everything they can to hang on to them as businesses aren't exactly exempt from the rising costs of the country. They're looking to cut some corners as well in order to stay profitable.

Unfortunately, Amarillo just got some bad news. Those who are working at the AT&T call center in town are going to find themselves without a job just before Christmas. The company informed those 93 employees their jobs will no longer be available. According to one of the workers there, they said the jobs will cease to exist after December 16.

Now AT&T has done a lot of things right in this reduction in force. One, they've notified their employees three full months ahead of time, giving them time to comfortably look for new jobs. Most employers just cut their employees without any advance notice.

Secondly, they are offering jobs for those employees to move to the St. Louis area should they want to continue working for them. I don't know if they'd be in the same position or not, but there are about zero companies I've heard of offering jobs to people in a different location.

Should the employee decide they don't want to make the move, they're offering severance and health benefits for up to 18 months. AT&T is at least doing it right when it comes to laying off workers in these tough times.

With the offering of jobs in a different city, it does sound like this is more about minimizing their footprint and consolidating locations so they have fewer to operate, and unfortunately Amarillo was on the chopping block.

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