I can't tell you how many times we've asked the kids what they want for dinner and their immediate answer is, McDonald's. I can't blame them, it always seemed to be my answer as well, especially when I was younger.

II'm not sure what it is about McDonald's, but it's easy to get hooked on this place (especially if you have young kids).

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It might be fast food, but thanks to the brilliant marketing team of a corporation, the Happy Meal, the upbeat slogan of 'I'm lovin' it!', the cheerful playgrounds--McDonald's is a happy place to be. Periodt.

However, not all McDonald's are created equally. What do I mean by that? Well....

Once upon a time I ended up on Google, looking for something to grab for lunch. And the overwhelmingly negative reviews for a certain McDonald's location caught my eye.


A little bit of scrolling and I found myself just as shocked and appalled as the person leaving the review.

I'm not going to give out the location, because frankly....that would just be too easy wouldn't it? The reviews are bad enough in themselves.


From chicken nuggets with a bite taken out, to seeing an employee get tased in full uniform....Lord have mercy. Check out Amarillo's unhappiest McDonald's....you won't be lovin' it at all.

Bad Reviews of The Unhappiest McDonald's In All of Amarillo

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