If you are looking for some kind of beacon of hope pointing to things getting back to normal, look no further than Chamber Music Amarillo. They've had to add a second night for this weekend.

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Chamber Music Amarillo, which has merged with the Amarillo Symphony, was planning to kick off their 23rd season this upcoming Sunday. That plan changed when opening night sold out.

They have added a second night to opening weekend. This Saturday (9/26), Chamber Music Amarillo and the Amarillo Symphony will be having a night of music that they've titled 'Gathering the Community.'

The performance will commence at 7:30 PM this Saturday. It will be held at West Texas A&M University Northen Hall, according to the announcement.

You are urged to purchase tickets early, as seating is limited.

While you may not be a fan of chamber music or symphonies, you do have to admit it's encouraging to see one event sell out and another night get added.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as people begin to try and resume some kind of normalcy. While we may still be wearing masks when in public, and social distancing may be a part of our daily lives, we're finding ways to get back some of the things we enjoyed before the shutdown.

If you are interested in taking in the performances this weekend, you'll need to get tickets soon for Saturday night. You can get more info on the Amarillo Symphony and on this weekend's performances by following this link.

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