Our differences are our strengths. They make us unique. When you put all of our cultural differences together, they create a tapestry that gives a glimpse into the beauty of the human race.

That being said, lobster flavored chips suck. Squid jerky is disgusting. Anchovies covered in sesame are vomit inducing.

There are several videos on Youtube of people from Asian countries trying out "American" snacks. They hate them, especially Pop Tarts.

We decided to reverse the roles and try some of the snacks we could find in the local Asian food market, and needless to say I am not a fan.

Lobster "Cheetos," squid "jerky," and other delicacies awaited me. With my blindfold on, I tested out these "snacks."

Our differences are our strengths. Our snacks should be left alone.

As the great American revolutionary once said, "Give me Twinkies, or give me death."

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