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The Lone Star State has been home to several iconic horror movies over the years. The most obvious one of course is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are, however, several more shows and movies set in Texas that I prefer over "Chainsaw."

Joe Bob Briggs The Last Drive In

This one is streamed exclusively on Shudder, and if you have ever watched any of Joe Bob's shows then you'll know what to expect. His humor and wit shine as they are unleashed uncensored to the streaming masses. The show is filmed right here in Texas, and if you hurry, you might be able to get caught up on The Last Drive In before season 3 starts. Be sure to stock up on Lone Star before you start.

Bubba Ho-tep

This one is one of my all time favorites. It's campy. It's cheesy. It's Bruce Campbell as...Elvis? It's based on the events that transpire inside of a nursing home in east Texas when a mummy decides to unleash hell upon the senior citizenry inside. It's a lot of fun, and definitely well worth a watch.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

While it is hotly contested which town the film is supposed to take place in, Denton, Texas has willingly and enthusiastically claimed the right. So much so that they've mimicked a billboard used in the movie that claims Denton is the happiest place to be.

House Of 1000 Corpses/ Devil's Rejects

The first two films in Rob Zombie's trilogy are ambiguously set in Texas. I highly recommend both films, especially if you are into more of the grindhouse/expoloitation era films. The scares are necessarily things that jump out at you. Instead it's just the sheer brutality of everything going on.

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